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If you need custom performance nonwovens, we can help,or call toll free: 877.835.6222 (413-553-4302 for Cranemat or 413-553-4357 for Craneglas).

Craneglas® nonwovens are formed by a special wet-lay process from continuous chopped strand glass fibers of uniform length. First manufactured in 1970, the Craneglas line of products is used extensively in a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer applications where low thermal conductivity and superior thermal/flammability resistance are mandatory.

Craneglas is available in basis weights from 18 gsm to over 650 gsm (0.5 osy to over 20.0 osy). Specialty binders and coatings are available to provide enhanced thermal stability, chemical resistance, absorbency and other properties. Contact us for detailed product specifications.

Key Attributes
• Heat, flame and corrosion resistance
• Consistent basis weight, thickness and density
• Dimensional stability
• Thermal conductivity -- tested in accordance with ASTM C518
• Flammability -- UL94 V-0 rating

Popular Applications
• General Industrial
      - Saturating base
• Filtration and Separation
      - Gas/air filter media
      - Cartridge support
• Electrical/Electronics
      - Electrical shielding
      - Thermal insulation
      - Acoustical barriers
• Composite Structures
      - Surface veils
      - Matrix materials

Request Samples
Ask us for samples of Craneglas to be delivered directly to you.

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