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If you need custom performance nonwovens, we can help,or call toll free: 877.835.6222 (413-553-4302 for Cranemat or 413-553-4357 for Craneglas).

For more than 25 years, Craneglas® 230 PV Module Glass Scrim has been used by the solar energy industry for its ability to solve production problems, especially during the crucial encapsulation/lamination process. This specialized scrim material is well suited to the manufacture of large, rigid, high quality PV modules for critical installations, as well as flexible modules for smaller solar energy applications. Contact us for detailed product information.

Making Craneglas 230 PV Module Glass Scrim an integral part of the solar panel improves the manufacturing process of both rigid and flexible solar modules.

Craneglas 230 Module Glass Scrim Illustration

Manufacturing Benefits
  • • Arrests cell "swimming"
  • • Eliminates air bubbles
  • • Stops EVA deformation
  • • Improves durability
  • • Positive spacing
Cost Benefits
  • • Minimizes warranty issues
  • • Raises QA levels
  • • Improves productivity
  • • Reduces rejects

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