Nonwovens for:

• General Industrial

• Filtration and Separation

• Electrical/Electronics

• Composite Structures

• Specialty Applications

If you need custom performance nonwovens, we can help,or call toll free: 877.835.6222 (413-553-4302 for Cranemat or 413-553-4357 for Craneglas).

Neenah Technical Materials, formerly Crane Technical Materials/Crane Nonwovens, is a leading manufacturer of performance-oriented nonwoven materials constructed from glass, polymer, and natural fibers. Our solutions are engineered for product designers, fabricators of composite structures, filter builders and others who demand the most technologically advanced, structurally sound materials to create the next generation of products, broaden their markets and build barriers to competition.

Devoted to Quality and Innovation
Since the introduction of our Craneglas® nonwovens in 1970, we have remained devoted to quality and innovation. Our customers benefit from our continuing investment in research and development, capital improvements and new technologies. We have earned ISO9001 and Environmental Standards ISO14001 certifications.

Our facilities in Dalton, Massachusetts, are dedicated to the ongoing development and production of nonwoven webs used in a broad array of industrial and consumer
applications worldwide.

Our Customers See the Advantage
As a customer, you gain the following advantages working with Neenah Technical Materials:

• Superior quality -- Rigorous quality control, testing and inspection -- including a fully-equipped laboratory using internationally-recognized testing methods -- contribute to a high degree of customer satisfaction and repeat business. We manufacture to exacting industry standards and meet or exceed requirements for heat resistance, flame retardancy, durability and dimensional stability.

• Technological innovation -- A dedicated staff of engineers and R&D personnel work closely with our customers and focus on new product development to bring you the most advanced, performance-oriented materials found on the market today.

• Product flexibility -- We can create proprietary formulations to meet your specific needs and exact specifications. Whether designing from scratch or improving the performance and economics of our existing products for you, we contribute unmatched experience and expertise to solve your application challenge.

• Timely development and product delivery -- While we have many standard product formulations ready for your evaluation, many customers require modifications to our process and/or materials, which we handle in an extraordinarily timely manner. Similarly, our flexible production system allows us to manufacture small, medium or large volume orders on short notice to meet your immediate needs.

• ROI -- Our ability to engineer proprietary nonwovens in low production runs on our state-of-the-art production equipment helps you manage your costs, while our ability to scale production up maximizes your long-term ROI in our materials.

A History of Excellence and Experience
Neenah Technical Materials is a business of Neenah Paper, Inc., where over 200 years of papermaking experience instill passion, knowledge and capability in all we do.

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