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If you need custom performance nonwovens, we can help,or call toll free: 877.835.6222 (413-553-4302 for Cranemat or 413-553-4357 for Craneglas).

Neenah Technical Materials™ products are made from a variety of fibers, such as chopped strand glass, high-performance polymers, inorganic and metallic materials, and natural fibers. Our nonwovens substrates are formed by a special wet-lay process that assures consistent basis weight and uniformity. Manufactured to exacting standards, the resulting webs afford a range of properties, which may include:

  • Consistent weight and thickness
  • Flame retardancy and heat resistance
  • High surface area and controlled porosity
  • Superior chemical and thermal stability
  • Dimensional stability and superior physical properties

Our Craneglas 230, 232 and 330 products are continuous webs formed by a special wet-lay process from chopped strand electrical grade glass fibers. All products have excellent abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high heat/flame resistance, low thermal and electrical conductivity.

Craneglas® 230 PV Module Glass Scrim
For more than 25 years, Craneglas 230 PV Module Glass Scrim has been used by the solar energy industry for its ability to solve production problems, especially during the crucial encapsulation/lamination process. This specialized scrim material is well suited to the manufacture of large, rigid, high quality PV modules for critical installations, as well as flexible modules for smaller solar energy applications.

Cranemat products are polymeric wet-laid, thermally-bonded nonwovens incorporating polyester (PET), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) or bicomponent fibers. Cranemat is offered across a wide range of basis weights and densities with surface characteristics, surface area and pore size tailored to customer needs

Specialty Nonwovens
We are continuing to expand our product line with the introduction of nonwovens based upon high performance polymers, such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), aramids, and other fibrous materials. Our work with these exciting materials continues and we are eager for your enquiries and proprietary collaboration.

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Request Samples
Ask us for samples of our nonwoven products to see how they can meet your demanding standards. We have a broad range of samples and data sheets ready to send to you for overnight delivery. We also will prepare samples in our laboratory to meet your specific requirements. Our flexible manufacturing capability allows us to produce small quantities of material on a full-scale production basis, enabling you to accelerate your product development efforts while keeping costs down.

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