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If you need custom performance nonwovens, we can help,or call toll free: 877.835.6222 (413-553-4302 for Cranemat or 413-553-4357 for Craneglas).

Cranemat® products are wet-laid, thermally-bonded nonwovens incorporating polyester (PET), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) or bicomponent fibers. The Cranemat line offers superior product uniformity and application versatility.

All Cranemat products are thermally bonded with no binders added to the web. They are offered in both high bulk and calendered forms to further enhance the range of physical performance characteristics including tensile strength, tear strength, porosity, permeability, absorption, and laminate strength

Cranemat is available in basis weights from 17.5 to 140.0 gsm (0.5 to 4.0 osy). Contact us for detailed product specifications.

Key Attributes:
• Wide choice of fibers, deniers and blends
• High surface area, narrow pore size distribution
• Thermally bonded/binder free, chemically inert, thermally stable
• Consistent basis weight, thickness and physical properties
• Product density and void volume

Popular Applications
• General Industrial
      - Saturating base
      - Coating base
      - Printing substrate
      - Tape supports
• Filtration and Separation
      - Membrane casting substrates
      - Cartridge support
      - Gas and liquid filter media
      - Media laminate
• Electrical/Electronics
      - Electrical shielding
      - Thermal insulation
      - Acoustical barriers
• Composite Structures
      - Surface veils
      - Matrix materials

Request Samples
Ask us for samples of Cranemat to be delivered directly to you.

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